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May 12, 2021

In this episode we're talking about our April Challenges, 30 days of Sexual Kung Fu - Hi Ya! Learn about my month studying the book Taoist Secrets of Male Sexual Energy and Dan’s absolute failure of an attempt to quit smoking with the help of Pure Hemp Smokes. The guys at Pure Hemp Smokes sent us a bunch of packs to help Dan quit smoking. It's basically weed with no THC, just CBD. Dan said they didn’t help him quit, but I don’t think its fair to blame Pure Hemp Smokes for Dan’s shortcomings. Members of the audience have called Dan mentally weak, and I don’t think its fair to associate Pure Hemp Smokes with Dan’s weakness.

I had a bunch of people try them, some people said they tasted like shit. Other people love them, they say it gave them a feeling of calm and helps replace the buzz they get from a cigarette. I think they taste and smell like the weed I used to buy in middle school. If you’re interested in a tobacco or nicotine replacement, you can order online. 

Check them out at