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May 19, 2021

In this episode I’m talking to Dan and Adam, about addiction, why we have no sales and doing your own shit. 

Starting this podcast I wanted to tell great stories about the underworld of Boston sex, drugs, rock n roll. I didn’t expect that 90% of the interviews I did would circle back to drugs and addiction. I've realized that's where all the crazy shit comes from. 

Some people think I’m a fool to let someone fresh out of a drug treatment run the sales for ODB. Unfortunately, most of the people I know are addicted to drugs or alcohol. half the kids I grew up with are dead, I’m from Somerville.

I want to work with people that understand your story is your strength, you don’t have to be sober. You just have to be honest, Boston is a city, these are the neighborhoods and we are its people. 

If you want to work on video, sales, podcasting, accounting we need your help. We all have a story to tell, ODB is a place where you can learn how to tell it honestly.