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Mar 10, 2024

  In this episode, I'm at La Scala in Randolph for lunch with Myles Connor and Al Dotoli, two of Milton's most notorious men. One, for robbing banks and priceless works of art from Boston museums. The other, for managing the careers of entertainers like Frank Sinatra, Ozzy Osbourne and Rodney Dangerfield. Dane Cook...

Nov 22, 2023

In this episode I'm talking to Boston Comedian Drew Dunn.  Tune in to hear how he got started in stand-up, and how his Dad watching Twitch, helped him land a dream gig touring around the country opening for Dane Cook.

Nov 10, 2023

In this episode I speak with local comedians, Christian Trotter, Big D, the Legendary Vinnie Favorito and more.  We also check back in with Director John Hickey and his heated fued with comedian Tim McKlasky.

Nov 10, 2023

In this episode I confront Tim McKlasky on his use of the Golden Banana and Film Directory John Hickey expresses his anger. 

Oct 25, 2023

In this episode I'm talking to the funniest man in Boston Comedy, the one and only, Vinnie Favorito.   Vinnie talks about growing up in J.P., his first time seeing stand-up at the Ding Ho, winning the San Francisco Comedy Festival, Vegas, L.A., Foxwoods, and friendships.